Lucinda Ankarcrona

“I have been passionate about sport since I was about 6 yrs old. I was in all the teams at school and even captained some! After I left secondary school and moved to London, I put exercise on the back burner. I joined gyms with great intentions, but would always find an excuse not to go. Working out on my own didn’t do it for me and there weren’t many classes back then. London was not about being stuck in a gym!

When I became pregnant with my first son I knew I had to do something about my fitness. So I joined a Pilates class and swam twice a week. Slowly but surely I began to feel the benefits. We moved out of London and set up home in Uffington, a little village in Oxfordshire. However it wasn’t until after my second and final son was born that I thought I had to nail the wobble. I joined a gym in Swindon and haven’t looked back.

I could’ve only hoped for the results I got and am still getting. I lost the baby weight, my body toned up, my energy levels returned. Through all of this, I thought; maybe I can show other Mums that all is not lost when sometimes you think “oh, what’s the point” and you’re just too tired to contemplate exercise.

I completed my Level 2 and Level 3 certificates in Personal Training and from there I decided that group fitness was my niche and was lucky to start out with a fantastic group, in the parents at Pinewood School. The ease and convenience for them to drop the children at school and then pop round the corner to a class is a major plus point for them. This has led to classes in surrounding villages.

Ultimately what I love to do, is help people to help themselves get fit, and to see them happy about the results that they are achieving. Everyone works very hard and there’s nothing more satisfying than teaching people who want to be taught.  I’m incredibly lucky to have a job that I love so much.

Hopefully I’m helping my clients believe that it IS possible to get back in shape after babies and that being over a certain age isn’t a hindrance!


Tori is an International Fitness Presenter, Personal Trainer and industry leader in Group Fitness, her passion in life is exercise for wellness and believes movement is medicine.

Tori teaches a number of classes for LSA Fit, all with a specific focus. The latest class to go live for LSA is The Tri-Effect, a 45 minute workout that hits Cardio, Strength and Core all in one to get you the best all round workout in only one 45 minute session. Tori’s Functional Balance class is all about core training and Fitflow is the class set to a beautiful soundtrack that will leave you feeling sublime, a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates to strengthen the mind body.

As well as being part of LSA Fit Tori’s recent work has taken her to LA to star as a fitness model for the Reebok Spring/Summer 2015 line. In January 2015 she is travelling to New Zealand to film the launch of a brand new cross training workout DVD, which will be seen by thousands of instructors around the world.

She teaches many exercise disciplines for one to one sessions, small group training and large classes from HIIT training to Yoga and dance inbetween!

Tori also works as a Master Trainer for 3 major education companies in the UK, T2 Fitness, Technogym and Discovery learning.


I am a Level 3 qualified PT and experienced in Kettlebells.  Fitness and nutrition has always been a passion of mine.  After many years of gym experience it is my aspiration to help people reach and achieve their personal goals.  I believe if you exercise and have a healthy diet, you can enjoy a better lifestyle.  Fitness should be fun and enjoyable.  I use professional techniques and can get you the results you want.